Catalytic Use of Ash in Decomposition of Tars

This research focuses on understanding the ability of ash from gasification of biomass to catalytically decompose tars from gasification processes. Ash is produced from gasification or incineration of waste and is currently disposed of in landfills or used for construction applications. Ash has properties that are similar to those of conventional catalysts, such as high surface area, and the presence of metals and minerals. It is of interest to use the ash to catalytically decompose the tars that are generated during gasification and must be removed. This research aims to understand the impact of gasification conditions on ash properties and how these properties affect the catalytic activity of the ash. This is being done through characterization as well as activity testing of ash that have been generated at CCL.

Related Publications:

Klinghoffer, N.B., Castaldi, M.J., Nzihou, A., “Catalyst Properties and Catalytic Performance of Char from Biomass Gasification.” Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2012, 51 (40): 13113–13122.