On-going Projects

Corrosion of Superalloy Material


Sorption enhanced reactions

Modeling of a Non-Adiabatic Catalytic Reactor Backed by Experimental Data

Catalytic Use of Ash in NOx Reduction


Landfill gas to energy

Valuable material recovery from solid waste residues

Pyrolysis of waste


Wet waste conversion

Large-scale, High-speed combustion events

Past Projects

Biomass Gasification

Elevated Temperature Landfills

Opacity Reduction of Stack Emissions

Quantum Dots for Solar Cells

Ethanol Reforming

Catalytic Use of Ash in Decomposition of Tars

Methane Hydrate

Landfill Gas Reforming

Reactive CO2 Capture

Reactive CO2 Capture

Waste Tire Pyrolysis

Preferential Oxidation