Ethanol Reforming

Ethanol reforming research at CCL is concerned with the reforming of ethanol/gasoline blends and specifically investigates catalyst deactivation due to the presence of higher hydrocarbons and gasoline in the fuel. Our previous work has studied pure ethanol reforming on a Rh/Pt catalyst on a non-sulfating carrier.

Related Publications:

Simson, A., Farrauto, R., Castaldi, M. “Steam reforming of ethanol/gasoline mixtures: Deactivation, regeneration and stable performance.” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol. 106 (Ed. 3-4), pp. 295-303, 2011. (Abstract)

Simson, A., Waterman, E., Farrauto, R., Castaldi, M. “Kinetic and Process study for ethanol reforming using a Pt/Rh Washcoated monolith catalyst”, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol. 89 (Ed. 1-2), pp. 58-64, 2009. (Abstract)


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