Landfill Gas Reforming

Catalytic dry reforming of landfill gas (CH4, CO2) to synthesis gas (H2, CO) has been investigated with an attempt to characterize the catalytic activity, conversion of methane to H2, and mode of deactivation (coking) at various temperatures under varying CO2/CH4 ratios using different precious metal catalysts.

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Related Publications:

Kohn, M; Lee, J; Basinger, M.L; Castaldi, M.J., “Performance of an Internal Combustion Engine Operating on Landfill Gas and the Effect of Syngas Addition”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2011, 50 (6): 3570–3579 (Abstract)

Kohn, M., Castaldi M.J., and Farrauto, R.J., “Auto-thermal and Dry Reforming of landfill gas over a Rh/γAl2O3 monolith catalyst.” App. Catal. B: Environ, (94), 2010, 125-133. (Abstract)

Jechan Lee (Master Thesis): A Study on performance and emissions of a 4-stroke IC engine operating on landfill gas with the addition of H2, CO and syngas

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