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Hydrate Dissociation EfficiencyGarrett Fitzgerald and Marco J. Castaldi recently published a paper “Thermal Stimulation Based Methane Production from Hydrate Bearing Quartz Sediment” in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.  The research investigates the effect of methane hydrate saturation and point source heating rate on methane production.  This study contributes to the development of gas hydrate production methods which could provide a significant unconventional source of natural gas.

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Paper Accepted to the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering

Methane Hydrate Reactor

Garrett C. Fitzgerald, Marco J. Castaldi, and Yue Zhou are co-authors on a paper entitled “Large scale reactor details and results for the formation and decomposition of methane hydrates via thermal stimulation dissociation,” published in the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering last month!

The research investigates and develops an in-situ heating method to efficiently produce methane gas from hydrates.  The research utilized CCL’s fully operational apparatus for hydrate production and dissociation.

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