CCL attends and co-sponsors IT3

IT3 CCL is off to present at and co-sponsor the 32nd International Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies and Hazardous Waste Combustors (IT3/HWC) in San Antonio, TX. Presentation will be given by Timothy Sharobem, Dr. Simona Ciuta and Dr. Marco Castaldi.

CCL, in collaboration with the Earth Engineering Center (EEC) and the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT), will for the first time be co-sponsoring sessions at the conference.

IT3/HWC, a thermal treatment conference, provides a forum for the discussion of state of the art technical information, regulations, and public policy on thermal treatment technologies and their relationship to air emissions, greenhouse gases, climate change, renewable energy or alternative energy production, and sustainability. Beginning this year, the IT3/HWC conference will be co-located in odd years in partnership with WTERT and the Materials and Energy Recovery Division (MER) of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).