5th grader visits CCL on a mission to understand the potential of the 8 million tons of leaves that fall every Autumn!

Recently, Zachary Dorazio, of the 5th grade, visited CCL to answer his question, “Can we turn leaves into biofuels?”  Zack is the son of CCL Alumnus, Dr. Lucas Dorazio who received his Ph.D. in 2008 and is currently the lead of the Gasoil Technologies and Refinery Catalyst R&D Team at BASF.  CCL routinely hosts high school students to conduct research, and a few have made it to the semi-finals for competitions such as the Intel and Westinghouse Awards.  This is the first time we had an elementary school student come to CCL to obtain answers to some very complex questions that will surely be answered in the future.  It is clear Zach is well on his way to making a positive impact in a critical area of engineering and science, and the CCL team is sure he deserves an A+ on his project!  We look forward to hopefully seeing Zach during his high school years when he undertakes even more forward looking research.