CCL collaborator Axel Fache publishes in Chemical Engineering Science

CCL collaborator Axel Fache published his work done with CCL in Chemical Engineering Science. The article is titled Fixed-bed reactors for exothermic reactions: A qualitative relation between start-up time and traveling waves velocity. Visiting researcher Axel Fache worked in CCL studying development of a catalytic methanation reactor for power-to-gas applications. Axel came to CCL from Laboratoire de thermique, énergétique et procédés (LaTEP), Pau, France. In CCL, Axel worked for 3 months to perform experiments, and to compare simulation results to experimental results of dynamic methanation. CCL researchers Micheal Lugo, Yegor Nikitin, and Tasnuva Moutushi are co-authors of the article as well as Dr. Marco Castaldi. Congratulations on the successful collaboration!