CCL member Tasnuva Moutushi and Swanand Tupsakhare publish in STOTEN

CCL members Tasnuva Moutushi and Dr. Swanand Tupsakhare published their work with Dr. Castaldi in the journal Science of the Total Environment. The article is titled Abiotic decomposition of municipal solid waste under elevated temperature landfill conditions. Tasnuva Moutushi and  Dr. Swanand Tupsakhare studied the decomposition of solid waste under elevated temperature landfill conditions under controlled temperature and controlled heat flux in an experimental campaign in CCL. This is their second publication from this experimental campaign. The previous publication from this project was also in STOTEN, titled The Impact of pressure, moisture, and temperature on pyrolysis of municipal solid waste under simulated landfill conditions and relevance to the field data from elevated temperature landfill.