CCL participates in WasteEng2022

The biennial meeting of the International Conference on Engineering for Waste and Biomass Valorisation took place in Copenhagen this year from June 27-30 at the Technical University of Denmark. 4 current members of the Combustion and Catalysis Lab and a visiting student attended the meeting, the 9th one to occur in the 17 years over which the Waste Eng Conference Series has been held. The group chaired 2 sessions, presented 6 talks, and served on the student presentation awards committee. The abstracts of the presentations and details about the conference events can be found here.

Lauren Creadore responds to questions after presenting a talk titled ‘A study of greenhouse gas emissions and performance of an internal combustion engine operating on landfill gas blends as fuel’ in the Monday afternoon Case Studies of Integrative Approaches session.

Rohit Borooah, visiting student from the Free University of Bolzano in Italy, presents a talk titled ‘Performance of a small-scale CHP generation system using low-cost biomass gasification’ in the Tuesday morning Thermochemical Conversions session.

A screenshot of Kaitlyn Lawrence’s presentation in the virtual conference space, ‘Activity of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Ash in the Reduction of NOx’, given in the Tuesday afternoon Municipal Solid Waste session.

Marco Castaldi responds to questions after presenting a talk titled ‘Abiotic and anaerobic pyrolytic decomposition of municipal solid waste at elevated temperature landfill conditions’ in the Wednesday afternoon Bioprocessing Gaseous Compounds and Wastes session. This talk was co-authored by Tasnuva Moutushi.

CCL members, Lauren Creadore (left) and Kaitlyn Lawrence (right), pose for a photo in the scenic Tivoli Park after the WasteEng2022 Gala Dinner.

CCL members, Lauren Creadore (6th from left) and Kaitlyn Lawrence (7th from left), pose for a photo with other WasteEng2022 attendees after the HALOSEP technical tour at Vestforbraending in Glostrup, Denmark.

CCL members, Snehesh Ail, Kaitlyn Lawrence, and Lauren Creadore, chat about the future of waste engineering with CCL collaborators, Francesco Patuzzi and Marco Baratieri, of the Free University of Bolzano.