Congratulations to Previous CCL Visiting Scholar, Rohit Borooah

The Combustion and Catalysis Lab congratulates Rohit Borooah on his successful defense of his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Performance of small-scale CHP gasification systems fed with residual biomass – experiments and modeling.”

Rohit’s research focused on investigating the possibility of decentralized cogeneration by gasifying forest residues, an alternative feedstock to standard wood chips. Furthermore, his team demonstrated the effectiveness of customized deep learning algorithms at accurately predicting gasifier performance when tailored to case-specific scenarios.

He was advised by Prof. Marco Baratieri, Prof. Francesco Patuzzi, and Dr. Snehesh Shivananda Ail, the final of whom is a former member of Baratieri and Patuzzi’s research lab and a current member of the Combustion and Catalysis Lab. Rohit completed part of his thesis work at CCL, visiting the lab from March to August of 2022.