Dr. Snehesh Ail is appointed Associate Director of CUNY’s Earth Engineering Center

The Earth Engineering Center and WTERT-USA have appointed Dr. Snehesh S. Ail to the position of Associate Director. Dr. Ail will manage the industry partnered projects at EEC related to combustion and catalysis research, bio-fuels characterization, and innovative waste management strategies. Dr. Ail is a post-doctoral research associate in the Combustion and Catalysis Laboratory at the Department of Chemical Engineering, and has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching Chemical Engineering Design.

Dr. Ail has authored 20 peer-reviewed research articles and conference papers, and a patent related to catalyst synthesis. Prior to joining CCNY, Dr. Ail worked at the Free University of Bolzano, Italy, where he focused on the design of bio-to-liquids (BTL) systems, biomass-CO2 co-gasification, and development of catalysts for Fischer Tropsch reactions.

Congratulations Dr. Ail!