Former CCL Member, Demetra Tsiamis, and CCL Collaborators from Politecnico di Milano Publish in Waste Disposal & Sustainable Energy

Former CCL member, Demetra Tsiamis, and collaborators from Politecnico di Milano, Fabio Poretti and Dr. Stefano Consonni, published their work with CCL Principal Investigator, Dr. Marco Castaldi in Waste Disposal & Sustainable Energy. The article is titled A quantitative analysis of the US materials flow methodology and comparison to the EU methodology for MSW statistics. Demetra Tsiamis and Fabio Poretti studied the similarities and differences in the methods used by the US and the EU to arrive at published municipal solid waste generation statistics at CCL. CCL’s applied research arm, the Earth Engineering Center at The City College of New York, and the Materials and Energy from Refuse Study Group at the Politecnico di Milano were well positioned to engage in the international collaboration that resulted in this publication, allowing domestic and European experts to be among the authors on the paper.