Alex Frank

Alex Frank
    • Education:
      • M.Sc Mechanical Engineering (December 2007)Manhattan College, New York
      • B.S Mechanical Engineering (December 2006)Manhattan College, New York
    • Background:
      • I am currently a M.S. candidate in the Earth and Environmental Engineering department. I work full time in Hartford, Connecticut at Pratt and Whitney Aerospace where I specialize in heat transfer and secondary (cooling) flow in the High Pressure Turbine (HPT) and Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) of commercial, military and stationary jet engines. My current projects involve the Next Generation Product Family (NGPF) which will power commercial jets in the coming years and provide vast improvements over the current technology.
  • Description of Research:
    • My current research involves Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of a waste-to-energy reactor. With the power of CFD, fluid flows as well as pollution formation, particularly NOx, can be better understood and modeled. With this understanding, the system can be designed to mitigate the production of these pollutants, providing less environmental impact without effecting performance.