Eleonora Cordioli

Eleonora Cordioli

Current position:

PhD Candidate at Free University of Bolzano – Italy


– Master in Energy Engineering – Free University of Bolzano (Italy)

– Bachelor in Energy Engineering – Università Degli Studi di Padova (Italy)

Field of study: Biomass gasification and valorization of gasification by-products

Current research:

My research focuses on investigating ways to valorize char, the solid by-product of biomass gasification. Char is a carbonaceous material with great potential for adsorption and catalytic applications, thanks to its large specific surface area, well- developed porosity and active sites on the surface. In particular, my research aims to use char as a catalytic filter for cleaning up, through the removal of tar, the producer gas obtained from gasification processes. The high content of tar in the producer gas, in fact, limits its applications and the development of gasification on a wider scale. The use of gasification char as a gas cleaning measure is of interest for avoiding its demanding disposal and improving the overall efficiency and economic feasibility of gasification systems.

My research activities include on-site monitoring of small-scale gasification plants (in South-Tyrol, Italy), for collection of char, laboratory testing of char for tar removal, and characterization of the catalytic material.