Flora Uwadiegwu



  • Education
    • M.Eng Candidate in Chemical Engineering, McGill University
    • B.Sc in Chemistry, double minor in Mathematics and Studio Art, St. Joseph’s College
  • Description of research and activities
    • CO2 uptake efficiency and carbonation studies of metal oxides such BaO, MgO, and Nb2O5 were investigated to understand their sorption properties during steam reforming and water-gas shift reactions. To promote hydrogen yield and complete reactant conversion in the reaction mentioned above processes it is desirable to remove one of the product from the effluent thus driving the thermodynamic equilibrium entirely toward the production of hydrogen. The dispersed metal oxide on a high surface area support system such as γ-Al2O3 has been shown to be a stable and reversible CO2 sorbent material compared to the bulk oxide. In this study, reaction parameters such as the pH of the dispersed metal oxides and the flow rate of the feed gasses were varied ex-situ to explore the uptake efficiency and kinetics of CO2.