CCL PhD student, Kaitlyn Lawrence, hosted by CCL collaborator Dr. Ange Nzihou of RAPSODEE, France

As a visiting student, Kaitlyn Lawrence continued her work on the catalytic use of waste to energy ashes in NOx reduction at the Centre de Recherche d’Albi en génie des Procédés, des Solides Divisés, de l’Énergies et de l’Environnement (RAPSODEE). The French group, who’s name translates to the Albi Research Center for Process Engineering, Divided Solids, Energy, and the Environment, is led by Dr. Ange Nzihou, a pioneer in the area of waste valorization. He advised Lawrence during her brief, 3-week visit to Albi, in which she did characterization experiments of ashes using inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry.

CCL student, Kaitlyn Lawrence, with the RAPSODEE Team. Special thanks from CCL to the persons indicated with labeling: to Mohammad Haq Jou for training Lawrence in CHNS analysis, Majd El Saddik for ICP-AES, Théodore Graul and Yi Qiu for their training on use of their custom NOx reactor set up.