Dr. Christiane Janke

Christiane JankePost-Doctoral Research Scientist

  • Education:
    • 08/2008 – 02/2012 PhD in chemistry, Leibniz Institute for Catalysis and University of Rostock (Rostock)
    • 10/2002 – 06/2008 Diploma in chemistry, Humboldt University and Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (Berlin)
  • Honors and Awards
    • Max-Buchner fellowship awarded by Max-Buchner foundation (Dechema) 05/2009-05/2011
  • List of Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals:
    • C. Janke, J. Radnik, U. Bentrup, A. Martin, A. Brückner; ChemCatChem 2009, 1, 485-491. “Vanadium-containing oxynitrides: Effective catalysts for ammoxidation of 3-picoline.” Distinguished as “Hot Paper” by Wiley Publisher in 2009
    • A. Martin, C. Janke, V. N. Kalevaru;  Applied Catalysis A: General 2010, 376, 13-18. “Ammoxidation of 3-Picoline to nicotinonitrile over VPO catalysts.”
    • C. Janke, M. Schneider, U. Bentrup, J. Radnik, A. Martin, G. Scholz, A. Brückner; Journal of Catalysis 2011, 277, 196-207. “Impact of phosphorus and nitrogen on structure and catalytic performance of VZrPON oxynitrides in the ammoxidation of 3-picoline.”
    • J. Bilde, C. Janke, A. Brückner, J. M. M. Millet; Catalysis Today 2012, 192, 10-15. “Catalytic properties of nitrided V/Al/O-mixed oxides in the ammoxidation of propane and new efficient preparation method for the catalysts.”
  • Conference Proceedings (Oral presentation):       
    • 06/2013 12th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization, Washington D.C., C. Janke, R. Farrauto. “Direct hydrogenation of CO2 over Ru-containing catalysts to synthetic natural gas.”
    • 06/2013 23rd North American Catalysis Society Meeting, Louisville
      C. Janke, Z. Li, R. Farrauto. “Steam Reforming of liquid fuels for fuel cell application.”
    • 03/2010 43. Jahrestreffen Deutscher Katalytiker, Weimar. C. Janke, M. Schneider, J. Radnik, U. Bentrup, A. Martin, A. Brückner. “V-containing oxynitrides: Novel catalysts for ammoxidation of heteroaromatics.”
    • 08/2010 240th ACS National Meeting, Boston. C. Janke, R. Stößer, W. Herrman, J. K. Jabor, A. Brückner. “Advanced access to structure-reactivity relationships in vanadium containing oxidation catalysts by novel in-situ-EPR techniques.”
    • 05/2011 7th International Symposium on Group Five Elements, Riccione. C. Janke, M. Schneider, J. Radnik, U. Bentrup, A. Martin, A. Brückner. “New V-containing oxynitrides VMON (M = Mo, Al or Zr) as highly effective catalysts for ammoxidation of heteroaromatics.”