Snehesh Shivananda Ail


  • PhD: Combustion Gasification and Propulsion Laboratory, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
    Title: Combustion synthesized cobalt catalysts for liquid fuel generation via Fischer Tropsch reaction
  • BE, Chemical Engineering, Manipal University.


  • Project Engineer (2015 – 2016): CGPL, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Research Associate (2017 – 2018): Biomass and Biofuels Laboratory, Free University of Bolzano

Peer reviewed articles:

  1. Daniele Antolini, Snehesh Shivananda Ail, Francesco Patuzzi, Maurizio Grigiante, Marco Baratieri;  Experimental investigations of air-CO2 biomass gasification in reversed downdraft gasifier; 2019, Fuel 253, 1473-1481
  2. Vittoria Benedetti, Snehesh Shivananda Ail, Francesco Patuzzi, Marco Baratieri; Valorization of Char from Biomass Gasification as Catalyst Support in Dry Reforming of Methane; 2019, Frontiers in chemistry 7, 119-119
  3. Daniele Antolini, Snehesh Shivananda Ail, Francesco Patuzzi, Maurizio Grigiante, Marco Baratieri; Experimental and modeling analysis of Air and CO2 biomass gasification in a reverse lab-scale downdraft gasifier; 2019, Energy Procedia 158, 1182-1187
  4. Snehesh Shivananda Ail, Vittoria Benedetti, Marco Baratieri, Srinivasaiah Dasappa;  Fuel-rich combustion synthesized Co/Al2O3 catalysts for wax and liquid fuel production via Fischer Tropsch reaction; 2018, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 57, 3833 – 3841
  5. Snehesh Shivananda Ail, H.S. Mukunda, Sadhan Mahapatra, S Dasappa; Fischer-Tropsch route for the conversion of biomass to liquid fuels – Technical and economic analysis; 2017, Energy 130, 182-191
  6. Snehesh Shivananda Ail, S Dasappa; Investigations into enhanced wax production with combustion synthesized Fischer–Tropsch catalysts; 2016, Energy Conversion and Management 116, 80-90
  7. Snehesh Shivananda Ail, S Dasappa; Biomass to liquid transportation fuel via Fischer Tropsch synthesis–technology review and current scenario; 2016, Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 58, 267-286
  8. Dario Prando, Snehesh Shivananda Ail, David Chiramonti, Marco Baratieri, S Dasappa Characterization of the producer gas from an open-top gasifier: Assessment of different tar analysis approaches; 2016, Fuel 181, 566-572


  • Metal catalysts and process for the preparation of catalysts thereof – WO-2017094030-A2: The invention demonstrates the use of combustion synthesis procedure to develop reaction-specific tailored catalysts with high metal loadings and applicable to a wide range of catalytic processes.

Selected conference presentations:

  1. Snehesh Shivananda Ail, Isamar Garrido Rodriguez, Michael Smith, Charles Coe, Marco J. Castaldi; Sorption enhanced water gas shift activity over Li4SiO4 dispersed catalysts, North American Catalysis Society Meeting, Chicago. 2019
  2. Snehesh Shivananda Ail, Stefano Piazzi, Daniele Basso, Francesco Patuzzi, Sandeep Kumar, Marco Baratieri; Gasification based synchronized production of fuels and electricity from woody biomass – A techno-economic analysis; 26th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Copenhagen; 2019
  3. D. Antolini, Snehesh Shivananda Ail, Carlo Caligiuri, Francesco Patuzzi, Renzi Massimiliano, Marco Baratieri; Load modulation capability of an open-top gasifier by varying the second stage air flow rate; 7th International Conference on Engineering for Waste and Biomass Valorization, Prague, 2018 – This work was granted the Best Poster Award.

My work in Prof Castaldi’s lab can be broadly categorized into:

  • Combustion diagnostic investigation:
    • Blast chamber design
    • Investigations into propagation and transition of flames to detonation.
    • Investigations into detonation attenuation mechanisms
  • Catalysis
    • Synthesis and characterization of sorption enhanced water gas shift catalysts – Li4SiO4 and nano-dispersed CaO
    • NOx decomposition
  • Waste valorization and waste characterization
    • Valorization of MSW ash as potential catalysts
    • Quantification of MSW waste in New York City
    • Food waste analysis in New York City