University of Perugia

This collaboration has focused on the fundamental aspects of natural gas hydrate formation, decomposition and methane production.  The core of the research is done using a 59 liter vessel that is housed in CCL capable of replicating permafrost hydrate reservoirs.  There have been numerous exchanges between CCL and University of Perugia, primarily through visiting scholars, but also via student exchange.  The collaboration is continuing and has produced numerous publications, international conference presentations and collaborative lectures.  Below is a representative list of some publications.

Castellani, Beatrice, Giacomo Rossetti, Swanand Tupsakhare, Federico Rossi, Andrea Nicolini, and Marco J. Castaldi. “Simulation of CO2 storage and methane gas production from gas hydrates in a large scale laboratory reactor.” Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 147 (2016): 515-527.

Rossi, Federico, Alberto Maria Gambelli, Deepak Kumar Sharma, Beatrice Castellani, Andrea Nicolini, and Marco J. Castaldi. “Experiments on methane hydrates formation in seabed deposits and gas recovery adopting carbon dioxide replacement strategies.” Applied Thermal Engineering 148 (2019): 371-381.

Castellani, Beatrice, Elena Morini, Emanuele Bonamente, and Federico Rossi. “Experimental investigation and energy considerations on hydrate-based biogas upgrading with CO2 valorization.” Biomass and Bioenergy 105 (2017): 364-372.

Gambelli, Alberto Maria, Beatrice Castellani, Andrea Nicolini, and Federico Rossi. “Gas hydrate formation as a strategy for CH4/CO2 separation: Experimental study on gaseous mixtures produced via Sabatier reaction.” Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 71 (2019): 102985.